Dan Harmon opens up about end of Community, lingering hope for a movie

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Sep 1, 2015, 12:20 PM EDT (Updated)

Though he’s focused on other projects these days, Community creator Dan Harmon will never truly escape Greendale. So what does he make of the show’s tear-jerking finale, and our lingering dreams of a movie?

In a conversation with Digital Spy, Harmon confirmed there are currently no plans to continue the cult-hit comedy — though he did offer that a film is “much more likely” than a full seventh season of the series. After NBC pulled the plug at the end of Season 5, streaming service Yahoo! Screen stepped in to house the sixth season. The show’s mantra of “Six Seasons and a Movie” is almost there, but fans are still waiting for the last bit.

Here’s an excerpt from what Harmon had to say about the series’ ending:

"But that's not too much different (writing the season finale as a potential series ender). Every finale episode of every season of Community, we had to anticipate the concept that it was not coming back - and simultaneously take a bow. I very often with Community had to be thinking, 'Every day here at work could be the last day' - so it was relatively easy to think that way for the end of season six.

I think the series ended at the end of season six in a definitive enough way - and hopefully we'll be able to get the actors back together sooner rather than later and do some very ambitious movie project that can blow people away. But we'll see."

Though there’s apparently nothing in the works yet, you’d have to think this cast and crew would be willing to reunite for a final film. This show has survived near-cancellation after near-cancellation — you can’t let a few scheduling issues end the saga prematurely.

What’s your take on Harmon’s comments? Do you want to see one final reunion?

(Via Digital Spy)

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