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Spider-Man comic writer Dan Slott opens up about the one issue he had with Endgame

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Aug 14, 2019, 11:03 AM EDT

Despite the critical and insane financial success of Avengers: Endgame, fans still love to pick at little nits with the gargatuan film. Most of these issues have to do with the movie's complicated time travel scenarios, but some of them run a little deeper. Some of these nitpicks are even coming from within the Marvel family — prolific Spider-Man writer Dan Slott recently revealed his only gripe with the movie on Twitter. 

Slott is a legend in Marvel Comics, and he's written for many characters within their stable. One of his biggest accomplishments was a 10-year run writing The Amazing Spider-Man, so you could say that Slott knows the wall-crawling menace fairly well. His only gripe with the film, naturally, involved the talented Mr. Peter Parker and one audience-pleasing moment that he has. 

Remember "instant kill" from Spider-Man: Homecoming? It was a setting that Karen, the A.I. in Peter's suit, was constantly asking him to use. He always said no, but when the time came for such drastic action in Endgame (and Peter was facing down hundreds of alien devil dogs, not people, and the fate of existence was in the balance), Spidey finally deployed the instant kill mechanism. It was a hilarious payoff to a running bit from a film that came years before Endgame, and it made audiences laugh. 

Slott, however, wasn't laughing. He says that was the only moment in the movie he did not like. 

Slott recently tweeted, "Confession: There was 1 moment I did NOT like in all of Avengers: Endgame. This." The tweet contained a photo of the "instant kill" moment. He goes on to write, "Peter Parker shouldn't kill. Even when it comes to Thanos' evil army of alien spacehounds. But not liking 1 moment out of 3 hours and 2 minutes ain't that bad. :)"

In terms of a movie this big, yeah that isn't so bad. If there's anything that rings false with Spidey in this movie, then Slott would certainly know.

Slott added to his comment later, following up with another tweet. He writes, "There are moments in the comics where Spider-Man's written as if he is ABOUT to kill someone. Like he has been taken right up to the edge. But something always brings him back to his core ethics. (Or the writer fudges things for him. I've been guilty of that.)

Fans replied to all of Slott's tweets defending the choice, writing that the kills didn't count because of who Parker was fighting against. Slott tweeted one last time, writing, "I know this is a crazy caveat to any post. I know it's basic, common sense but... the above tweet is my *personal* opinion on the matter. And it's a personal opinion about a *fictional* character. It's okay if *your* opinion on this is different. It's all good." 

We're just glad he didn't mind Spidey sharing a flying horse ride with Valkyrie...we can't see why anyone would not like that particular moment of glory. Even if he had an issue with it, it's just his opinion after all.

Avengers: Endgame is available on Blu-Ray and digital purchase right now. Go and do whatever it takes, it will love you 3000.