Dan Slott leaving Spider-Man and taking over Iron Man for Marvel Comics

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Jan 19, 2018, 1:34 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel Comics is gearing up for a seismic shake-up with the exit of Brian Michael Bendis, and now we know who’ll be taking over at least one of his flagship ‘books — and the publisher is replacing a legend with a legend.

In an interview with Vulture, comic writer Dan Slott revealed he’ll be taking over Marvel’s Iron Man comic series later this year. Slott has been a mainstay at Marvel for years, providing a steady hand at the wheel for the Spider-Man franchise. Slott has shepherded Spidey for a decade as part of a run that has spanned almost 200 issues, crafting some of the most ambitious stories in Peter Parker lore.

Slott said he was actually up for the Iron Man assignment back when he was still in the middle of his (fantastic) Silver Surfer run, but didn’t feel he could do it justice while balancing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer. In the decade since Slott took over Spider-Man, he said Iron Man has become a household name, and that’s something he wants to explore with the character. He said his run will focus on technology in the Marvel universe “in a very specific way and it’s gonna lead to very big things.”

Slott went on to say he views Stark as a character who builds the future, striking a balance between someone with superpowers (his mind!) and physical ability and prowess (like Batman), which makes him unique when stacked up against a world of heroes with everything from squirrel powers to Hulk strength.

"But more than any character in the Marvel universe, he is the self-made man. You take him out of that suit? He’s a normal man. He makes himself the superhero. He makes himself into the thing he wants,” Slott told Vulture. “There will be a very unique cast in this book of characters: Iron Man characters you love and Marvel characters that you haven’t seen folded into the Iron Man cast. So, at the end of the day, there’s Captain America with super-soldier serum, and there’s a god of thunder, there’s all these characters around him with these amazing abilities. But his abilities came from his own two hands. He made it, and he stands amongst the gods because of what he can imagine and what he can make. That’s exciting.”

No word on exactly when Slott’s run on Iron Man will begin, but with Bendis’ tenure on the character quickly winding to a close, it likely won’t be long. Slott’s final issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Issue 801, hits shelves in June.

(Via Vulture)