Daniel Cudmore confirms he won't return as Colossus in Deadpool

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Feb 17, 2015, 4:39 PM EST (Updated)

When it was revealed last week that Colossus would be part of Fox’s upcoming Deadpool flick starring Ryan Reynolds as the wisecracking, fast-talking Merc With a Mouth, we all thought Daniel Cudmore would return to the role he reprised in last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past for sure. But now Cudmore himself says he won’t be coming back as Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin.

The actor, who started his career in director Bryan Singer’s X-Men 2 back in 2003 and played the role in three movies, has taken to his Twitter account to tell his fans that he won’t be taking up the metal mantle of the Russian mutant again in the Tim Miller-directed comic-book movie. Have a look:

Well, that’s a bummer. It’s unclear whether it was Cudmore’s decision not to return, or if the deal broke down, or simply if the powers-that-be were actually looking to recast all along. Whatever it is, Daniel Cudmore seems to be closing the book on playing the role again. This, of course, means that the search for a new guy to play Colossus is ON. Are you guys disappointed to see that Daniel Cudmore will not be coming back as Colossus in Deadpool? Who would you like to see taking up the role?

(via Comic Book Movie)