Daniel Dae Kim and Ed Skrein

Daniel Dae Kim and Ed Skrein are now Hellboy homeboys following casting controversy

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Sep 20, 2017, 3:57 PM EDT

With all the problems going on in the world right now, it’s easy to think that quibbling over who should play comic-book movie roles isn’t of great importance. But Daniel Dae Kim and Ed Skrein are here to prove you wrong.

Check out these two new friends, and tell me the whole Hellboy whitewashing uproar didn’t lead to something good.

In case you didn’t get swept up in the online rage, Skrein was originally cast in the role of Ben Daimio, a Japanese-American agent from the BPRD (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense), whose heritage is a big part of his comics’ storyline.

After the deserved Twitter-storm ensued, Skrein took matters into his own hands, and honorably bowed out of the role.  

That gave Lionsgate a chance to right the reboot’s ship, and Daniel Dae Kim signed on for the part, while also applauding “the producers and, in particular, Ed Skrein for championing the notion that Asian characters should be played by Asian or Asian American actors."

That was a week ago, and likely a busy one, what with Hellboy in full swing. But in that time, it appears that Kim had time to make a new friend: Skrein. Check out the former Hawaii Five-0 (which he recently quit after getting offered less money than his white castmates) actor’s recent Facebook post:

Pretty cool, right? We’re sure these two had plenty to talk about, having both played their part in teaching yet another lesson to Hollywood’s would-be whitewashers. Here’s hoping that lesson sticks. And also to a lasting friendship, full of plenty of great roles for both men.