Daniel Radcliffe to star in Yates' Who movie? He says [redacted]

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Dec 16, 2012

Remember that planned Doctor Who movie that Harry Potter director David Yates wants to make? The one current Who showrunner Steven Moffat says'll never happen on his watch? Well it's kinda back in the news, 'cause Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's been asked point-blank whether he'll play the iconic role of the Doctor in Yates' movie.

While doing press interviews for his first post-Harry Potter film, the supernatural horror thriller The Woman in Black, Radcliffe was asked if he'd be interested in playing everyone's favourite Mad Man in a Blue Box, the Doctor, in David Yates' planned Doctor Who movie by the guys over at Digital Spy.

Let's just say the young actor was rather stunned (watch his reaction -- so cute!) by the question—not least because it seems like Radcliffe hasn't heard the rumors and stories potentially linking him to the role (after all, Yates directed the last four Potter films)—or even news of the Who movie, before.

A very humble Radcliffe said, "I don't know if I could play him. Matt Smith plays Doctor Who and does a wonderful job. They don't need me!"

He added, "I would never presume to jump into somebody else's franchise, not at all."

We like you, Daniel Radcliffe. We really like you. Watch the young actor's gobsmacked reaction to the question below.

What do you guys think of Daniel Radcliffe's answer?