Danny Elfman will compose the music for McG's Terminator Salvation!

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

They said he'd be back: Batman/Simpsons composer Danny Elfman confirmed to MTV.com that he will be composing music for McG's Terminator Salvation, the first installment in an envisioned prequel trilogy of films.

"I just started yesterday," Elfman told MTV News. The Oscar-nominated composer added that he hasn't made use of the classic Terminator theme by composer Brad Fiedel, nor is there a mandate to incorporate the hook, but he left the door open for its appearance.

MTV earlier reported that the Salvation soundtrack will also include a track by cast member and hip-hop artist Common. The rapper plays the role of Barnes, a freedom fighter who battles Skynet alongside John Connor (Christian Bale).