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Daredevil canceled with S4 mapped out, even Marvel execs ‘stunned’ by move

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Dec 3, 2018, 4:11 PM EST (Updated)

The aftermath of Daredevil’s cancellation on Netflix hasn’t been pretty, as the blindsided (no pun intended) staff and cast mourn the flagship superhero streamer. Rubbing salt in the wounds for fans — and those creators behind their fandom — is the recent revelation that Daredevil’s fourth season had already been planned out by the time the pitch went up to Netflix and the decision came back down.

According to the show’s co-executive producer and writer Sam Ernst, those prospects of moving over to Disney+, at least with the current crew, are realistically nonexistent. The show isn’t getting “picked up,” Ernst confirms to a Twitter fan — any future stories for Daredevil will almost certainly be something different.

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That’s a blow to diehard fans holding out hope, but also a blow to a writing staff that sees a full season of TV turn to ashes. “On the walls were an entire Season 4 laid out - and it was so f***g cool,” Ernst wrote, mourning the news:

Lots of stories, lots of fights, lots of supers — all gone. And the writers weren’t the only ones. During a farewell lunch with the writing team, some higher-ups came too with similar feelings. “Marvel execs there too, just as stunned as we were,” Ernst wrote, confirming some of the ill communication and quick decision-making in the messy breakup between Marvel and Netflix:

While Daredevil could potentially find some new stories on Disney’s proprietary streaming service in the future, it’ll be interesting to see how Jessica Jones and The Punisher finish out their contracts now that they’re effectively in lame duck seasons. Closure is likely coming, Marvel/Netflix TV fans.