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Is Daredevil comics mainstay Blindspot headed to Iron Fist Season 2?

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Aug 27, 2018

Marvel’s Netlfix universe may be adding another defender to its roster. Although the casting has yet to be confirmed, IMDb’s page for Iron Fist lists The Walking Dead actor James Chen as Sam Chung in the upcoming second season. Chung, who is better known by his moniker Blindspot, is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel mythos. Created by Charles Soule and Ron Garney, Blindspot first appeared in 2015 and has since taken up a vigilante apprenticeship under Daredevil.

With the MCU’s Daredevil currently M.I.A. following the events of miniseries The Defenders, and Danny Rand having stepped up in his honor, could Chung be in for a similar costumed fate as his comic book counterpart?

We’re not the only ones on the lookout for Blindspot’s potential arrival. The character’s co-creator, Charles Soule took to Twitter to share his excitement at the possible new arrival.

SYFY has reached out to Netflix for comment.

If Sam Chung is in fact headed to Iron Fist, his inclusion could have major ramifications for the Netflix show, which aims to kick up more momentum during its sophomore season. In the comics, Chung, a skilled martial artist and equipped with an invisibility suit, makes it his mission to put a stop to the criminal element in Chinatown as Blindspot. At the same time, he makes his living working for the neighborhood’s biggest mob boss, Tenfingers, whom he plans to take down alongside Daredevil.

Chung isn't simply a sidekick, he represents the future of heroism in Marvel's New York, and the legacy of Matt Murdock — significant for a comics publisher less interested in the passing of torches than competitor DC Comics.

While Marvel’s Netflix series are slow at introducing the costumed personas of supporting characters (see Jessica Jones’ Trish Walker becoming Hellcat), they do an admirable job of giving viewers a chance to know and identify with these characters, while at the same time looking for the logic in their decisions to suit-up. Although we may not see Sam Chung become Blindspot in Iron Fist season 2, if he is in fact making his MCU debut, his presence would add a necessary perspective to the Chinatown set Iron Fist, and perhaps provide a suitable reaction to some of the valid criticisms of the first season’s cultural appropriation of Asian culture.

Iron Fist season 2 debuts on Netflix Sept 7.

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