Daredevil uses the Force against a lightsaber army in reimagined fight scene: Watch

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May 30, 2018

Daredevil, Batman, and the other basically normal, susceptible-to-bullets superheroes out there in the world are lucky to be facing down bad guys armed with nightsticks instead of pistols, toxic gas instead of assault rifles. But sometimes a vigilante dead-set against making more people dead finds himself out-gunned. And even more rarely, he — namely Daredevil — finds himself up against lightsabers.

That’s the scenario one VFX-savvy fan created when they took the breakout action scene from the Netflix show’s second season — the one that one-upped the legendary one-shot-styled hallway fight from Season 1 — and added some Jedi blades. The scenario is this: Daredevil has just subdued his frenemy The Punisher and needs to get him out of the building. Then the Dogs of Hell motorcycle gang (whose bikes were trashed earlier) storm in, out for revenge.

Daredevil then proceeds to beat baddie butt for several dimly-lit stories all the way down the building — something that adding the humming glow of a lightsaber could only make more atmospherically nerdy. It’s five minutes of chaos.

Take a look:

With nary a reason for the weapon upgrade, aside from the single line of fan-fictionalized plot in the video description (“Frank Castle is being hunted by the Sith. Daredevil, armed only with his fists, needs him alive”), Daredevil slaps around would-be Jedi like his name is Anakin Skywalker. Scorch marks and lightsaber zwooms only make the grunts of Daredevil feel as self-aware and silly/cool as any superhero show should.

YouTube user ImmersionVFX has given the same treatment to a dozen or so videos, all in different geeky franchises (from Indiana Jones to Furious 7), but their take on Daredevil is one of the most impressive.

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