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Daredevil’s epic one-take prison fight just awesomed itself right out of Emmy contention

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Sep 14, 2020, 10:50 AM EDT (Updated)

When it comes to unbelievable action sequences done in a single shot, the frenzied prison fight that punctuated Season 3 of Daredevil is hard to top. Few movies and even fewer TV shows have aspired to capture so many moving parts in the service of their story all in one long tracking sweep, and Marvel’s version isn’t just eye-catching — it made the internet do a collective, breathless double-take.

Surely that fight scene — which started with a drug-sabotaged Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) on a cell gurney and ended, one long hallway and 11 minutes later in the prison yard — will stand among the Emmy contenders when it’s time to hand out the awards hardware for this year’s stunt-orchestrating achievements…right?

Well, nope. In a classic case of Daredevil literally giving viewers too much of a good thing, the Man Without Fear pulled off a prison escape so epic in its scope that the scene is just too long for eligibility under current Emmy guidelines.

Following what some fans viewed as an Emmys snub when Daredevil turned up conspicuously missing from the just-announced Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama list of nominees, showrunner Erik Oleson took to Twitter to explain the reason: the Emmys only give you three minutes to strut your stuff.

That’s eight minutes too short for the bonkers action that Oleson presided over in the “Blindsided” fourth episode of Daredevil’s third and final season. “It is, honestly, the sequence I am most proud of in my entire career after doing more than a dozen television series,” Oleson told Den of Geek last fall, noting that he even lightened some of the darkest moments so viewers could fully appreciate that there were no cheats or editorial cuts to interrupt the continuous action.

We’re not even saying that Daredevil would win this year’s Emmy. After all, we’re living in a world of cinematic television where HBO is lighting 20 Game of Thrones stunt actors on fire at once, just to make a dragon look scarier. But throwing some awards recognition in the direction of one of Netflix’s most successful shows would definitely give fans some vindication for all that post-cancelation love

At least we can still relive the action anytime. All three seasons of Daredevil — including Matt’s unbroken gauntlet of prison pain — are still streaming at Netflix.