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Daredevil Season 3: Critics say Fisk, Bullseye, and the action are fearlessly amazing

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Oct 12, 2018, 11:12 AM EDT

He had a building dropped on him in The Defenders, but that won't stop Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) from returning for a third season of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.

Reviews for Season 3 have begun to surface, and the verdict among critics is that Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio), Bullseye (Wilson Bethel), and the show's action are pretty much all awesome across the board. On that last front, we can wholeheartedly agree.

When it comes to everything else, however, opinions are mixed. Some like the moody new Matt (moodier than usual, we mean), who is grappling with his faith in religion and the justice system. Others feel that his outlook is just a little too grating, with one critic deciding to place his likeability below Danny Rand, circa Season 1 of Iron Fist. Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

All in all, there's much to love from the upcoming season and much to decide on for yourself. Find out what critics are saying below...

"All of Season 3’s action is great, mind you — there’s a chaotic one-shot scene to rival True Detective Season 1 and a pretty fantastic parking lot fight where Matt uses his senses more for stealth than ass-kicking, like an Assassin’s Creed mission — but this is something special. It’s so character driven; it combines the super serious tone of this universe with some downright silly comic book gimmickry. But most importantly, episode director Stephen Surjik builds to it like a horror film. By the time violence erupts — with every major player involved — your heart is already beating fast enough for Matt Murdock to hear it through the screen." —Vinnie Mancuso, Collider

"Daredevil has never not been a mixed bag but the bag is usually full of more good than bad, and that ratio remains unchanged going into the show’s first post-Defenders season. There are things to love. There are things not to love. Matt is great. Fisk is great. Bullseye is awesome. Everything not involving those three people is… okay." —Merrill Barr, Forbes

"As the first of Netflix’s Marvel shows to reach its third season, Daredevil has the unique challenge of telling a story that’s reflective of the journey its characters have been on since we first met them. It also has to feel fresh, exciting, and worth a return visit to Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil Season 3 does that impressively by adapting one of the hero’s most memorable arcs from Marvel Comics." —Charles Pulliam-Moore, Gizmodo

"It’s a bit of a mixed bag... Daredevil Season 3 attempts to start over in many ways. It even goes so far as to have Matt return to this black suit he wore for almost the entirety of Season 1. While the reasoning behind this eventually pays off — Matt has to go up against Bullseye wearing the red Daredevil costume to impersonate and frame him, and having the characters wear different costumes helps the viewer keep track of them — it still has an air of regression to it. We’ve come so far, why go back now?" —Chris Evangelista, /Film

"Matt’s unbearably grim aesthetic aside however, Daredevil Season 3 is a canny and intelligent return to this un-comic tale of crime, justice, and faith. Never light but mostly digestible, Daredevil Season 3 exercises its strengths with care, and will remind viewers of the series’ highs, while testing them along the way." —Michal Schick, Hypable

"Daredevil‘s third go-around eschews the half-hearted attempts to connect to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), or provide a backdoor pilot for a new spinoff (hello, Frank Castle) or develop a ridiculous mystical enemy. Instead, it focuses on kicking ass and taking names. With Daredevil sharpened to the point that it can rival Elektra’s sai, things are going pretty well." —Brandon Katz, The Observer

"Daredevil’s return in the Season 3 premiere of the Netflix series is a strong outing for both Matt Murdock and Charlie Cox, as new showrunner Erik Oleson reorients the Man Without Fear to very much be full of fear and obstacles as he attempts to climb his way out of the debris of everything that has come before. Elsewhere the episode feels a bit more standard issue as it works to set up character threads for the rest of the season, but all in all this is a strong return for the Marvel character." —Scott Collura, IGN

"The bad news is that Danny Rand is no longer the least likable hero in Marvel’s Netflix roster. I mean, I guess that’s good news if you’re Danny Rand, and really, it’s a tribute to how much of an improvement Iron Fist season 2 was. But holy moley, Matt Murdock is just this side of insufferable this season." —Mike Cecchini, Den of Geek

"Whatever magic was siphoned from the first season of Daredevil is still gone in Season 3. But Daredevil is also a lot better than it’s been in years. The action is top notch — Comic Con fans went nuts for a major fight scene — and everyone in the cast clearly still cares about this material, this world, and this corner of the Marvel Universe. And it’s just a much easier show to enjoy without the looming threat of a crossover in six months." —Eric Francisco, Inverse

"The season’s willingness to take that deep dive into Murdock’s psyche means that the impressive fight sequences that have been a hallmark of the series take a back seat to character development and narrative stage-setting early on. Fans expecting Daredevil to (literally) leap back into action could find the slow burn of the first few episodes a bit frustrating, but that development pays off in a big way as the pace picks up significantly after the first three shows." —Rick Marshall, Digital Trends

Daredevil returns for its third season on Netflix on Oct. 19.