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Daredevil stars join fan campaign to find Matt Murdock a Season 4 home

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Jan 8, 2019, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

Matt Murdock may be down for the count at the moment, but his Daredevil co-stars and a growing chorus of fans are throwing their support behind a well-orchestrated cheerleading campaign to get him up off the mat. 

Daredevil stars Amy Rutberg (Marci) and Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) gave the grassroots #SaveDaredevil fan campaign a huge boost when they tweeted their support for it over the weekend, demonstrating that even Matt’s mortal enemy misses his (former) Netflix nemesis.

While organizers acknowledge that getting the Disney-controlled franchise back on Netflix is a lost cause (despite its immense popularity at the time it was canceled), they’re hoping that a direct appeal to Disney and Marvel will do the trick, whether that means getting the show on the new Disney+ service, or somewhere else. But wherever it might land, they're really hoping Marvel will see clearly on one point: the core cast, crew, and creative team have to be a part of any revival.

“All reports suggest Marvel was unaware Netflix planned to cancel Daredevil. Appealing to Marvel is very important!” the write-in effort states, reminding fans to keep their communications respectful and upbeat. “…Be sure to specify that you want to see a continuation of this story with this cast and crew!”

Disney executive Kevin Mayer indicated last month that it’s a least “a possibility” that Daredevil and other Marvel shows departing from Netflix could return at some point, and in some form. And the responses from other members of the cast and creative team, since the show’s cancelation, definitely show a group of people who really loved what they were doing and didn’t want it to end.

With its stars giving the Save Daredevil effort a bigger bullhorn, and with the group's Change.org petition hovering near 110,000 signatures and counting at the time of this posting, the fan momentum to reunite Matt, Foggy, and Karen is certainly strong. But will it be enough to elicit a response from Marvel and Disney? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, the Daredevil we already have isn't going anywhere soon: you can still stream all three seasons of it over at Netflix.