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Daredevil will face death (again) in Charles Soule's final arc

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Sep 21, 2018, 8:50 PM EDT

Matt Murdock is often referred to as "the man without fear," which is fitting for a man who bears the superhero name of Daredevil. We hope that his lack of fear includes a fear of death itself, because it looks like the devil of Hell's Kitchen is about to face it once again. 

Charles Soule is about to end his run on the Marvel Comics title, and it doesn't sound like he's going to be leaving Matt Murdock in a very good situation. Beginning in October, Soule and artist Phil Noto will begin what Marvel calls Murdock's "darkest chapter yet," which wouldn't really be a change — are we missing something, or are all of his chapters usually pretty dark?

Apparently this chapter will go even darker, which really is saying something. The new issues will lead to a "surprising finale," according to Marvel, which will take place in Daredevil #612 this November.

Take a look at the promo video below...

The series is going under the banner "Death of Daredevil," so they aren't being very subtle about it. As Soule says in the video, he wants to carry on the tradition off leaving Daredevil in the worst situation possible and let the incoming writer figure it out. Dealing with resurrection would certainly make things interesting for whoever is up next.

The event will include Daredevil Issues #609 to #612 — all written by Soule, with art and covers by Noto. The respective release dates are Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov.14, and Nov. 28. Looks like Daredevil will be dead just in time for the holidays! Very festive, so plan accordingly.

Though things are looking grim for Murdock, this is not the first time that the character has "died" in the comics. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe storyline "Ultimatum," a tsunami hits New York and Spider-Man finds Daredevil drowned in the aftermath. This death was not well received by fans. In the main Marvel continuity, he dies in Brian Michael Bendis' "The End," which played like a cross between The Dark Knight Returns and Citizen Kane. It's many years in the future, and Bullseye takes out Murdock. Ben Urich then has to figure out what Matt's final word means — that word being "Mapone."

Even in his own television appearances on Netflix, Murdock's gotten close to the reaper— after the events of The Defenders, he is presumed to be dead. We're guessing that this is not actually the case, as the latest season of his own show is premiering soon. It would be weird for a show called Daredevil to feature nothing but Foggy Nelson shopping at Costco.

In the comics, look for all of this to begin on Oct. 17. If that's too depressing, then you can cheer yourself up with the hero's (assumed) resurrection in Daredevil Season 3, which will be released on Netflix on Oct. 19. It looks like it's going to be a Halloween season packed full of Daredevil and death — two great tastes that just can't avoid tasting great together.