Daredevil's Charlie Cox on comic inspirations, translating powers on-screen

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Feb 3, 2015, 9:18 PM EST (Updated)

The man who’s taking up the mantle of Daredevil in Netflix’s new miniseries has opened up about what we can expect — and it sounds extremely cool.

Charlie Cox, who headlines the new series as super-powered lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock, was a recent guest on the Scratch the Surface podcast. He touched on a ton of different topics, most notably which specific comics inspired the show and how they’ll portray his radar-esque hyper-senses on television.

Here’s an excerpt on the powers bit, and it seems showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has put a lot of thought into how to make it work visually:

“I’m making this up so there are no spoilers here, there is a scene where I come into the room, and lets say there are guns all over the floor on one side of the room and drugs on the other side of the room. Im just making this up, I promise I’m just making this up. So lets say that’s the scene. I come into the room, and I [Daredevil] can pick up on those things, based on a combination of his senses, smell, gunpowder in the air, taste of cocaine in the air or whatever, he can sense those things.

But you can’t tell that story on camera without having a camera move that goes to them. Daredevil wouldn’t need to look in that direction in order to sense those objects, but the camera needs to. So we had to come up with a way where he has to focus on things in order to kind of sense them, and by focusing he kind of cocks his head towards what it is he’s trying to get a sense of, trying to kind of create an image in his mind of what it is, so we can tell that story.”

Cox also opened up about the comics Marvel sent him to prep him for the role, which included Daredevil Yellow, The Man Without Fear and the Daredevil Hardcore collection. But Cox took it a step further after acquiring a Marvel Unlimited account, and dug into “Bendis/Maleev stuff” as well as “Bendis/Mack and End of Days” all on his own.

Last but not least, Cox touched on the other portrayal of Daredevil, which came from Ben Affleck in the universally panned 2003 Daredevil film. Turns out he wasn’t a huge fan — though he thought Colin Farrell did a good job as Bullseye:

“I actually didn’t dislike Ben Affleck in it. I felt like tonally the movie was confused and I didn’t feel like Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell were in the same movie. Ironically, I thought that Colin Farrell was closer to what the director was going for. Sometimes he would have en emotional response or a facial expression in a scene that was very representative of a comic panel. I thought it was fun at times, I just don't think to make that movie in that tone suits Daredevil. It doesn’t really work for that character and that world.”

We should get a look at the first Daredevil trailer on Wednesday, ahead of the series debut on April 10, 2015.

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