Dark Days ahead for DC in new story from their biggest creators

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Mar 20, 2017, 3:00 PM EDT

The futures of superhero universes are always in flux, but things tend to look pretty grim. And while we may not know many specifics, we now know that the DC Universe is going to be having an especially rough time very soon.

Dark Days consists of a pair of one-shots releasing this summer from some of the biggest writers and artists in DC's roster: All-Star Batman writer Scott Snyder, Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV, DC co-publisher and Suicide Squad artist Jim Lee, Dark Knight III artist Andy Kubert and All-Star Batman artist John Romita, Jr.

DC was very vague in their announcement regarding plot details — presumably not wanting to spoil upcoming storylines like "The Button," which may lead into it — but Snyder did have a few cryptic things to say about Dark Days:

“Dark Days posits a mystery that traces all the way back to when I started on Batman. I've hinted at them over the years with Easter eggs and clues. This is a mystery that literally begins at the dawn of man and spans generations of heroes and villains and ultimately leads to huge revelations about the past, present and future of the cosmology of DC."

The story will also set up the long-hinted-at Batman event that Snyder has been working on with his Batman collaborator Greg Capullo, but we are so far detail-less on that story as well. Dark Days is said to expose the "dark underbelly" of the DCU and introduce new characters into the universe, though what exactly that will look like remains to be seen.

All we have to go off of for now is the cover of the first one-shot — Dark Days: The Forge — by Jim Lee, seen below, which sees Batman creeping in the shadow of a statue of a much more malevolent version of himself, as creepy Bat-drones survey the ruinous Gotham landscape. Did Wayne Enterprises mess up by making a bad business deal with Skynet? Your guess is as good as mine.

Dark Days: The Forge will release on June 14 and will be followed by Dark Days: The Casting on July 12. With names like those, the only thing we can be certain of is that this story is going to be pretty metal.

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