Dark Horse announces new TV deal that could produce lots of new comic book shows

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Jul 8, 2015, 8:32 PM EDT

We're living in the midst of a boom time for TV series based on comic books, and the list of shows is only growing in the coming years. Marvel, DC (through Warner Bros.) and Image have all jumped in the game in a big way, and other publishers are eager to follow them into small-screen success. Dark Horse Comics dipped its toe into the comic book TV show pool just a few weeks ago with the debut of Syfy's Dark Matter, but now the publisher that brought us movie hits like Hellboy and Sin City is making an even bigger TV push.

Dark Horse announced today that it has partnered with Universal Cable Productions under a first-look deal that will allow Universal to develop multiple TV projects from the Dark Horse library for cable networks. According to a press release from the two companies, discussions for the deal began at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, and evolved into an agreement that will produce multiple developing shows with "direct involvement" from Dark Horse creators

In announcing the deal, Dark Horse and Universal also revealed the comics titles already in TV development. They include the acclaimed new horror series Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook, the superhero series The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, Paul Chadwick's sci-fi series Concrete, and Back Up, a sci-fi series based on a feature script by Tom Vaughn, set in a near future where people can "back up" themselves like a hard drive to prevent death.

“Dark Horse Entertainment has an incredible roster of fantastical, witty and mind bending stories,” said Dawn Olmstead, Executive Vice President of Development, Universal Cable Productions. “Their brand has conquered multiple media platforms and boasts iconic books that have attracted the highest level of writers. It’s going to be a wild and imaginative ride.”

We don't know yet when we'll hear more about these shows in terms of writers, casting, or even potential premiere dates (perhaps Comic-Con will provide more details later this week), but if you're a fan of Dark Horse, it seems you'll have some new programming to look forward to soon.

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