Legendary Vertigo editor Karen Berger will build new comic imprint for Dark Horse

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Feb 18, 2017, 4:00 PM EST

Ever since she said goodbye to Vertigo Comics in 2013, we've been waiting to hear what Karen Berger's next move in the industry would be. Now we know.

Berger announced Friday that she's teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to create a new imprint, Berger Books, featuring creator-owned work hand-picked and edited by Berger herself.

"Dark Horse has been a pioneering and innovative independent publisher for 30 years," Berger told THR. "I'm very excited to join forces with them to produce this new line of creator-owned comics by a great group of diverse, distinctive and spectacular storytellers."

The imprint is a big new step for Dark Horse, and for a certain subset of comics fans it also represents a welcome return for one of the most influential editors of the last 40 years. Berger joined DC Comics in 1979 and immediately gravitated to darker, stranger work like House of Mystery. By the mid-'80s she was serving as a kind of ambassador for DC to up-and-coming UK talent and helped oversee the "British Invasion" of comics through writers like Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, and Garth Ennis.

Then came Vertigo.

Formed in 1993, Vertigo Comics was DC's new home for more mature comics, and Berger was its founding force and dominant voice. After bringing over hit titles like Animal Man and Sandman, she greenlit and oversaw some of the most important comics of our lifetimes, including Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Fables, and The Invisibles. When she moved on, it left a void in the comics world.

Now Berger's back and she gets to spread more of her editorial magic to another publisher. We haven't heard yet which creators and series Berger Books will launch with, but you can bet they'll be exciting.