Dark Horse Direct Tormund Giantsbane

Dark Horse launches high-end collectibles division, led by Game of Thrones

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May 13, 2020, 2:55 PM EDT (Updated)

Dark Horse is expanding, and its latest venture is catering directly to collectors. The comics publisher — home to properties like HellboyThe Umbrella Academy, and the upcoming line of Stranger Things comics, among many other licensed franchises — announced Monday that it's launched Dark Horse Direct, a new division that will sell limited-edition collectibles through an online store.

Dark Horse has been releasing consumer products tied to its various comic book lines and licenses — including a popular line of Game of Thrones figures, busts, and other collectibles — but those had to be purchased through other retailers. With the launch of Direct, Dark Horse will be selling high-end figures and maquettes through its own storefront. 

“Dark Horse Direct is the latest example in Dark Horse’s long history of innovative business practices,” company president and founder Mike Richardson said in a statement. “Dark Horse constantly looks for new ways to inspire passion in our fans in every format possible, which is why a direct-to-consumer program is the most logical move as we continue to grow our business and cultivate new fans.”

Dark Horse Direct's initial offerings feature three products, two of which are already available for pre-order and two of which tie in to what's likely the company's most popular consumer product license at the moment: Game of Thrones. The first product you'll be able to get in your hands is an 8-inch figure of Tormund Giantsbane, the fan-favorite Wildling from the hit HBO series, which is available for pre-order now for $39.99. The figure is expected to ship in August, but Dark Horse will have 300 of them available at its booth at San Diego Comic-Con, in case you're able to fight through the hordes to get there. 

Dark Horse Direct Tormund 2

Also available for pre-order now is a 14-inch maquette of Spaceboy from The Umbrella Academy, the acclaimed comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba that will soon be adapted into a Netflix series. The maquette will set you back $299.99, comes with a limited-edition print and enamel pin, and is expected to ship beginning in December.

Dark Horse Direct Spaceboy

Still further in the future is an item that's not even available for pre-order just yet: an 18-inch replica of the Iron Throne, the seat of power in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The massive collectible, produced alongside HBO and Gentle Giant, will come with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity and ship early next year. No word yet on the price point, but don't expect it to come cheap. 

Dark Horse Direct Iron Throne

You can head over to Dark Horse Direct's new website to sign up for their newsletter, and we can expect even more details about the new venture to arrive at San Diego Comic-Con next week. 

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