Resident Alien Comic
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Dark Horse's Resident Alien comic crash-lands a pilot order at SYFY

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May 13, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT (Updated)

An alien crash-lands on Earth and pretends to be a doctor and solves mysteries while waiting for his people to come rescue him.

If you weren't familiar with Dark Horse's Resident Alien comic series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, then you soon will be because SYFY has picked up the title for a pilot that could lead to a potential full series order. The project is a joint venture between Universal Cable Productions, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Amblin TV (the television branch of Steven Spielberg's production company). 

Resident Alien Comic

The alien in question is named "Harry" and he finds himself in a small Colorado town, because the "out-of-water" extraterrestrial always prefers the quiet life outside noisy metropolitan areas. Once there, Harry assumes the identity of the town's doctor and "begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth -- ultimately asking the question, 'Are human beings worth saving?'" He can use his telepathic abilities to trick humans into ignoring his alien form while he passes the time solving murders and evading the government. 

Hogan and Parkhouse's comic began in 2012 and continues running to this day. The latest storyline, "An Alien in New York," began last month. The whole idea for Resident Alien came from a conversation Hogan had with a British friend in the early 1990s. Since the friend's wife was American, Hogan assumed he had U.S. citizenship. He was proved wrong when the Englishman produced a plastic card that read "Resident Alien." 

"I thought it was hilarious, and also that it would make a great title for a story, though back then I was an editor, not a writer," he said while speaking to the Forbidden Planet International Blog in 2013. 

Chris Sheridan (Family Guy). Mike Richardson (The Mask), Keith Goldberg (The Legend of Tarzan), Justin Falvey (The Americans), and Darryl Frank (The Americans) will all serve as executive producers. Resident Alien is the first pilot SYFY has chosen from its 2018 development slate of possible shows.