The Dark Knight III co-creators on working with Miller, capturing 'lightning in the bottle'

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Nov 3, 2015, 9:19 AM EST (Updated)

Frank Miller has put together a team of heavy hitters to wrap up his Dark Knight trilogy, and now they’ve opened up on the final run they believe will really “piss people off” once readers get to see it.
The Dark Knight III: The Master Race is being handled by MIller, along with co-writer Brian Azzarello and artist Andy Kubert. Miller and Kubert chatted with IGN about working on such an iconic franchise with a living legend, and what fans can expect from Miller’s universe three years later. The series is set three years after the last run, and will pick up with Wonder Woman living in Amazonia and Superman is frozen in ice for ... some reason.

Here’s what Azzarello said about the project:

"I think both of us are celebrating Frank through what we're doing. It's been a great learning experience, that's for sure … [Miller is] really excited by it. He’s really happy with the way things turned out. He thinks we got lightning in the bottle again, so hopefully everything will turn out well. And I think some of this stuff is going to piss people off too, and that really makes him happy."

Kubert had some interesting thoughts on matching up the art style with what came before, and he had to strike the balance of bringing his own style while also paying homage to the unique look that’s prevailed through the first two volumes:

"I felt that it had to have the same kind of look and feel -- we call it 'Dark Knighty.’ It had to have that same kind of feel, for this series. So what I did was try to capture what Frank did in the first two and try to incorporate it into what I did. Also, scale down a lot on the details. I approached the composition differently, the panels, and how I spot blacks in the panels for contrast. I just tried to pare down the storytelling and the panels to focus on what was the most important thing happening at that time. It was a lot of thinking. It was pretty involved for myself. There was a lot of trial and error, and I got a lot of great feedback from Frank and Brian to help me along. I meant to actually change up what I do, so I hopefully fit along with what was in the first two stories."

The first issue of Dark Knight III is set to hit comic shops Nov. 25. 

(Via IGN)

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