The Dark Knight meets his assassin kid in new clip from DC's Son of Batman

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

A new clip from DC’s upcoming animated flick Son of Batman has been released, showing one of the Dark Knight’s first meetings with his young’un. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go very well.

The clip was unveiled as part of DC’s All Access online series, and it's prefaced with a nifty interview with Batman voice actor Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars, Terra Nova) talking about the story and the role.

Based on Grant Morrison’s 2006 Batman & Son comic run, the story will follow Batman as he learns that he has an unruly son with Talia al Ghul and is tasked with teaching the young man how to use his skills for good. The film will be a sequel to the recent Justice League: War, as part of a new shared continuity among DC’s animated films.

Check out the footage below:

The film is set to hit DVD and Blu-ray May 6.

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