Dark Matter 3.06 recap: It's like looking in a funhouse mirror

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Jul 7, 2017, 10:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: This recap contains many many spoilers for Dark Matter, season 3, episode 6 -- "One More Card to Play" -- so if you haven't had the chance to watch it then proceed at your own risk.

The doppelgangers are back! I kinda love these guys, especially how you can tell you're looking at Portia instead of Two because her shirts are like SUPER boob-focused. But while we spend most of the episode dealing with the evil twins, tonight actually gave us much more to talk about when it comes to Ryo, and it starts right at the beginning.

It's not something the episode dwells on, but Portia and Boone aren't on just any old Ishida cruiser. They're on a prison ship, taking citizens of Zairon to an internment camp. Ryo is locking up innocent civilians and sending them away just because they possibly know someone who tried to kill him, and therefore could potentially be dissenters. This is the first time Ryo has really acted like a dictator or a tyrant, and honestly, while it might be small in the scheme of the episode, this is a huge turn for the character. It's hard to come back from this level of tyrannical power-grabbing and ruling out of fear.

And while we haven't touched on it so far this season, ruling in this way is also a surefire way to incite rebellion among your people. It's happening in the background for the most part, but Ryo's arc this season is actually turning into the most interesting bit of character development so far.


But back to the episode, where Portia and Marcus and the rest of the crew have taken over the ship, made a deal with Mikkei, and then promptly stolen all their missiles. You just can't trust evil twins from an alternate universe to do anything, now can you?

Since our normal crew worked very hard for their bad reputations, they're not about to let their doppelgangers ruin them. It's time to clash, which, in true Raza form, they do in a series of double-crosses and snarky comments.

First, Adrian draws Wexler out to a meeting on the ground, which allows the regular Raza crew to get the drop on him. Of course, that gave Portia the chance to get the drop on Three in the Marauder, kidnap him, steal the Marauder, and leave Boone in his place while Portia boards the Raza.

Once again, though, everyone underestimates Five. Like the little badass in training that she is, Five manages to capture both Portia and Boone AND make threats against Tash and the other crew. Tash isn't in the bargaining mood, though, deciding instead to loose their pretty, pretty missiles on the Raza. She's alone in her thinking, though, cause the Blue Android shoots her and makes the deal.

Since they're the only ones who can be trusted to do anything without shenanigans, the Androids make the trade. They also come to a sort of detente in which the Doppel-Raza won't come after the regular Raza, but really, how long is that gonna last? (The answer is: not even the end of this episode.)

This episode is more fun and setup for the future than anything, but it marks a turning point for Adrian and Solara. Adrian has spent most of the episode remarking on how useless he is to the crew and how he's just a burden and they shouldn't even be there anymore. He does sort of get to be useful for a bit, but he's not wrong. That said, I'd say he brings something to the crew that they could probably use, and that if he stuck around he would probably find his place among them -- but he's not sticking around. He and Solara decide this is their last little adventure and they're gonna take off. I will miss them terribly -- especially Solara -- cause I feel like we were just getting to know them. I really hope they come back.

The capper this week is important and there are three of them.


First, we're back with Commander Neiman who walks into his office to find Portia sitting there on his couch. She claims she wants to "be friends" and "go after a common enemy," and while she doesn't go into any more detail than that, I can't imagine this will be good news for the Raza. (Sidenote: we still don't know what Agent Zero is).

Second, Three is still visiting Sarah who is now making plants and things in her little virtual space. This is definitely evolving into something, but I'm not sure what yet. I'm wary of wayward consciousnesses trapped in computers, and the way they keep talking about how time passes differently in her little section of the Matrix makes me think maybe Three is gonna get trapped there at some point. I don't think Sarah is malicious, but loneliness does crazy things to people, and there's no way this stays nice and serene forever.

Finally, we end with very, very bad news. Two decides to head back to Cepheus 5, where they left Six, because he hasn't been returning Five's calls and she's worried. Apparently, she has reason to be, because when they arrive all they find are dead bodies.

Random Thoughts:

Maybe it's just my suspicious nature or maybe there's a lot more nuance to the way Melissa O'Neil and Anthony Lemke play the differences between Portia/Two and Boone/Three, but I definitely clocked some weirdness from that first scene.

Anyone else getting a bit of a vibe between Five and Adrian? Just me? Should I stop speculating? Okay.

I'm honestly kinda worried about where Ryo is headed. I think he's officially reached the point of no return.

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