Dark Matter 3.11 recap: Invasion of the body snatchers

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:29 AM EDT (Updated)

Warning: If you haven’t seen Dark Matter Season 3, Episode 11, The Dwarf Star Conspiracy, and you don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now. Go watch the episode and return to this recap when you’re finished. For the rest of you …

We finally know what future Five was talking about when she mentioned the Dwarf Star Conspiracy. It looks like Rook’s plans from this time two years ago have finally been revealed, and they are way worse than we thought. As it turns out, he wasn’t just running the experiments that created Rebecca/Two for fun or for profit. He was creating these synthetic humans -- simulants, as the soldiers from Mikkei call them -- as the bodies that will hold the alien creatures Three was infected with last year. And they’re not planning for just a few of these lovely creatures, oh no. They’ve got bodies for a full-scale invasion.

Of course, without an immediate threat of invasion, at least as far as they are aware, the most pressing issue is once again: How human are you really?

Last week we dove a little deeper into the humanity of androids as Dr. Shaw talked about her unwillingness to take a body that wasn’t hers, even if all it housed was a synthetic consciousness. This week, with folks outside the Raza Crew aware of the existence of simulants, we get to find out exactly how everyone else would react to finding out what Two really is. It’s … not pretty.

Unlike the crew of the Raza, these Mikkei soldiers have never gotten to know a simulant before they knew the nature of the person’s existence. They never got to know one as human first, experiment second. To them, these are not people, and while I’m hesitant to defend these jerks, they’re not wrong. By the nature of how we define humanity, they -- and by extension Two -- are not human, and by the laws as they understand them, that means they don’t qualify for basic human rights.


Then again, one could, and in my opinion should, categorize life differently at that point. When a creature is aware of their own existence and fears their own death, they should be considered alive. And when they are possessing of human physiology and intelligence, perhaps they should then be treated as human or -- at the very least -- with some human decency. My guess is Two might agree with me.

Two, of course, has to navigate her discomfort with the treatment of the simulants with a great deal of caution, as do her crewmates. It must be difficult to advocate for your own humanity when you can’t tell the person who and what you are for fear of being treated exactly the same way.

Meanwhile. they’re also trying to stop an alien invasion that no one really believes is coming, since Three is the only one who seems to understand the full scale of the crap they’ve gotten themselves into. I guess sometimes it’s a good thing to have been previously possessed by an alien entity that gives you permanent access to their creepy inter-dimensional hive mind. He attempts to warn everyone several times, but to no avail as the creatures break through the gateway and attempt to begin their invasion right there and then.

Naturally, the only solution Mikkei comes up with is to nuke the place and everyone still on board -- which unfortunately includes Two. At least, that’s what everyone thinks, until Android picks up on a marauder that left the planet just before the nuke hit and jumped to FTL. Two was rescued at the last minute by Boone. But where exactly is he taking her?


Random Thoughts:

Android reacted the best way she possibly could to the events of last week, donning a new outfit that would make Portia Lin blush, and talking about how learning that she was intended to be more than a mere ship’s android has actually inspired her to lean into her free will. You go, Glen Coco!

If Five is correct, and it seems like she is after what happened with Sagen, then there are a lot of these aliens out there climbing the ranks of the various corporations already. What do you want to bet they show up at the worst times?


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