Dark Matter 3.12 recap: Time for an awkward dinner party

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Aug 26, 2017, 5:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Warning: If you haven't watched Dark Matter Season 3, Episode 12, "My Final Gift to You," then I suggest you stop reading and go correct that. This is a TV recap, and is therefore full of spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So ... that was quite the penultimate episode, huh? Just full of secrets and guilt trips and Two dishing out ass-whoopings right, left, and center. We're really barreling toward the finale, tying up a few loose threads and setting things up for a big ending. But first, we've got to deal with Xairon and the hole Ryo has dug for himself, both with his former friends and his people.

And it's a big hole, too, as we discover pretty quickly when the place Ryo was meant to be meeting his generals is bombed by some of his own people. Perhaps the worst part of this was that it interrupted another Two/Ryo smackdown, and now we may never know which of them would win in a fight. As we come to find out later, this was just the first stage in an all-out coup led by none other than Misaki. It's a little too bad she turned out to be just as evil as she always seemed. I was really digging her as just a hyper-aggressive leader who thought diplomacy was for losers. I guess she still turned out that way, but I wish she could have stuck around a little longer.


Ryo, meanwhile, was unable to see any of this coming, due to the fact that he was focused on trying to convince the entire Raza crew to hand over the Blink Drive ... again. He starts by kidnapping Two and holding her hostage in exchange for the Drive. When that doesn't seem like it will work, he instead uses it as an excuse to get them all to come to Xairon (as clones) in order to have the most awkward dinner party any of them has ever experienced, all so he can use his memories as a weapon against them. It's ... actually a pretty solid plan, because it turns out they've all got some pretty painful secrets trapped in those blocked-off sections of their brains.

Six got hit the least, it seems, as if his secret wasn't so much a secret as it was some information. Apparently, the person who outed him to the rest of the crew as an undercover cop was a fellow member of the GA. Ryo never gets as far as telling him who it is, though, because Six shuts him down with more self-control than I think I could muster if I found out there was someone responsible for taking me away from my family and precipitating the events which led to the destruction of my memories of them. But then, Six is a better person than most people.

Three took the coward's way out of his little bombshell, which isn't all that surprising given the way he's been acting the past few episodes. He didn't want to be here in the first place, he didn't want to go to the planet where they discovered the Dwarf Star Conspiracy and where Two was taken, he didn't even want to get involved in the corporate war -- or with seeking revenge against Ryo -- to begin with. He wanted to steal stuff and lay low. After the events of last week, and those of this one, it's really starting to seem like maybe he's feeling a little put out by the rest of the crew. Not to get all armchair psychologist on you, but it seems like he feels he's not being heard. So when Ryo reveals to him that he indirectly caused the illness that killed Sara -- thus indirectly causing her to become a digital consciousness, then an android, and also missing -- it's not all that surprising when he sort of shuts down. It was, however, a little disappointing when he decided to forgo heading back to the Raza with his memories intact and instead gets himself shot.


Ryo does get some points for reminding us all that Five still has a sister out there somewhere. It seemed like we'd shunted that off to the side after learning the big news back in Episode 2. Apparently, back when she had memories, Five not only knew about her sister, but had found her and her adoptive parents. In fact, they were just about to meet when all the insanity went down with the Blink Drive and two of Five's friends getting killed. If Five's face is to be believed, it would seem that whoever those parents are, we've met them before. So who do you think it is? Whoever it was, it was enough to get Five to vote in favor of giving Ryo the Blink Drive, so it must be a doozy.

And then there's Two. She's been through so much this season, what with Nyx dying and crew members coming and going, and finding out she used to be involved with a British version of the Android. Now here comes Ryo to drop some more news on her doorstep, just when she's finally getting the chance to kill him like she said she would back in the first episode. I've gotta admit, while it's a little insane to think that Rebecca made herself a daughter and then left said daughter with a friend in order to become a short-term mercenary before losing all memory of such a decision, it's fun to think that there's a kid out there that shares DNA with both Two and Shaw. That's gonna be one good-looking kid.


At least Two got to take her revenge on Misaki before Ryo sent her into a bit of a tailspin.

The Android discovered some secrets as well this week, as she implanted the emotional upgrade that Victor gave her a couple weeks ago and discovered an avatar of Chase (but also not Chase) waiting for her inside. I'll admit it was a little surprising to see her decide to take the upgrade after having multiple conversations about how it's a mask, and how she wants to try out this decision-making thing for a while.

Then again, not-Chase does tell her that there's a growing rebellion of Androids out to destroy the systems of power that have kept androids as second-class citizens, and he uses the word Anthroparchy to do it.

Random Thoughts:

If Ryo dropped that bombshell on me and told me it was a "gift," I think I would have punched him in the face.

How great was it to see Five put Two in her place about this whole "martyr" thing?


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