Dark Matter 3.13 recap: So you just punched a hole in the universe

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Aug 26, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Warning: I've warned you about spoilers all season long, so if you don't know not to continue reading unless you've seen the episode by now, I don't know if I can help you. Plus, this is a finale, so, you know, spoilers.

Hoo boy. That was some ending, huh? I'm trying very hard to avoid saying it went out "with a bang," but, you know, it did, and now we have a whole other war to worry about on top of the corporate war we may or may not have just ended. Plus ... what happened to Six? And Two? And Three? Is Five in charge now? We can speculate a little bit about what might happen in the future based on the events toward the end of the episode, but we won't know for certain until next season, assuming there is a next season. So ... let's speculate, shall we?

First off, we know Ryo will be returning as Two did not shoot him at the start of this week's episode, despite appearances. They leave him alive -- and even release him -- in an effort to bargain with Teku and the remaining citizens of Xairon loyal to their dethroned Emperor. Two maintains later on that she really was just about to pull the trigger and send him off to the great empire in the sky, but I have to admit, I'm not so sure. I've been iffy on whether Two was really going to be able to pull the trigger on her former friend all season, and despite everything he did, she was hesitating right to the very end. Sure, she could have killed him without a thought if he were a direct threat to her life or her crew, but standing there in the infirmary literally telling her to do it? Even Two isn't a cold-blooded murderer.


So what about Two? You had to have seen it coming that the captain of the ship wasn't likely to get out of this thing alien-infestation-free, right? She was the prototype for the exact kind of person specifically engineered to contain these alien creatures, and she's in an interesting strategic position for them as well. She was prime pickings, really, and pick they did. I'm not entirely clear as to why she had to take out Android and force a human person to pilot the Marauder into the station, but suffice to say that if/when we return for a fourth season, she is not going to be in a good place. Now we just need to figure out how to remove aliens from stimulants. Do you think they'll have to divulge what Two really is to a corporation? Will we be seeing more of Alexander Rook?

Then there's Three. He's been through some weird crap this season, and this finale was just the cherry on the bizarre sundae that was his life this year. I talked last week about how it seemed like Three was starting to get frustrated with his crewmates, and now he's -- likely temporarily -- cut ties with them in order to run around the galaxy with Portia of all people. Then again, Portia might be evil, but she's also probably not going to get him involved in big schemes to save the galaxy or stop a war. I'm sure they'll spend some time just running around stealing stuff and wreaking havoc before he starts to miss everyone, or they do something that requires him to call the Raza to bail him out of a jam.


The first big twist of the episode was in who will be filling Three's boots for a little while, as Wexler turned on his own crew to become a spy for Mikkei inside Ferrous Corp and then rescued Three and Six. Wexler is fun, his dynamic with the crew is interesting, and it will be a good time to see Five smack him around a bit going forward, but I still think the guy is a weasel.

Then there's Six. I know, just reading that name is probably going to elicit some tears, some anger, some kind of emotional response. It's okay. Let it out. We all feel how Five feels. Sad to lose a friend. A little angry that he had to do it in the first place. Slightly confused as to whether or not he's really dead. Seriously, is he really dead? This is the second time this season that we've assumed the worst about Six, and I've gotta say, an explosion that tears a hole in space and time is a really flashy way to seem dead when in reality you're just stuck in an alternate dimension. What do you think? Really dead?


And speaking of the explosion, who in the hell hears "We need to blow up the Blink Drive because it will cause an explosion that will tear a hole in the fabric of space and time" and thinks, "Yes, this is a good plan that could never go wrong"? Everyone, apparently, because absolutely no one thinks maybe they want to consider the consequences of TEARING A HOLE IN THE FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME. I mean, I don't know about the rest of you but that just doesn't seem like a very good plan to me. You don't know how big the hole will be, what effect it will have on your reality. I'm just saying maybe there was a way to blow up the base without tearing apart the fabric of reality. You know, more fire, less accidental portals to another dimension where apparently massive ships are waiting in just the right spot to come through and begin their big scary invasion.

So, at the end of the day, they ended up bringing about the very thing they were worried about, thereby further confirming Five's theory that they have little to no control over whether or not the events her future self spoke of come about. Perhaps next year we'll be dealing with a question of whether or not attempting to stop anything at all is worth it in the end.

You know, if we get a next year.

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