Dark Matter 3.8 recap: There's something about Android ...

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Warning: This TV recap contains some pretty massive spoilers for the Dark Matter episode "Hot Chocolate." If you haven't seen the episode and don't want to be spoiled, turn back now. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk.

Now, this is the kind of episode I've been hoping for this season. I don't know if it quite counts as a bottle episode, since most of the show tends to take place on the standing Raza sets as it is, but this week we got a great ensemble story that brought together the entire cast and let them kinda wail on each other. Ahhhh … camaraderie.

Of course, this week started in a very different place than it ended up, with a meeting of a group of leaders from various independent colonies. After the events of last week, they're still trying to come up with some kind of trade agreement that keeps them independent, but, of course, it's really hard to trust people so mostly their fighting. In fact, they're fighting so much that, when they have to take the meeting to the Raza for security, one of them ends up dead, presumably murdered by one of the others.

Then again, the murder mystery never does get solved, because, just after the murder is discovered, all hell starts to break loose. You see, Android has been remotely hacked by that crazy looking dude in the glowy chair from several episodes ago. His name is Korvik and this is just a thing he does. The goal, of course, is to use Android to turn on the transfer pods to allow Ryo and his soldiers onto the ship. This is when things get interesting.


This week was the first time that Two and Ryo got a chance to really - talk isn't the right word, but they have words while punching. Two is finally able to confront him about Nyx's death and everything that happened on EOS 7, while Ryo is finally able to tell Two that he wasn't personally responsible for what happened to their friend. Obviously, because Ryo is a clone, Two wouldn't have been able to get her revenge but it will be interesting to see if this new information changes her whole approach. Does she, in fact, still want Ryo dead? Perhaps the bigger question, which has been quietly hovering over the entire series is whether she could ever have done it. Can Two kill her former friend? Personally, I say yes, but only if Ryo poses a direct threat to her life or the lives of her crew.

Speaking of the crew being threatened, Five, once again, is the biggest badass on board. She's the first to notice something strange happening on the Raza and immediately grabs some gear and hides to give herself enough time to work out a solution with Sarah. Then, of course, there's the fact that Five seems to have programmed a hard reset into Android just in case she's ever hijacked by some dude in a glowy chair and used against them. Like you do.


But that's not even the craziest thing she does in this episode. That label is reserved for the fact that she and Sarah eventually manage to trap Korvik in some kind of mental void space. Think about that for a second. He is trapped in his own mind. He can't talk to anyone or see anything or experience anything, presumably ever again, and Five did that to him on purpose. That's a little terrifying.

The final big element to this week's episode was, surprisingly enough, the politics. While he's on the Raza, Ryo offers the delegates a brand new deal that cuts out all this negotiating. If they ally themselves with him and Zairon, then he will help them gain admittance to the League of Autonomous Worlds. All the perks, none of the waiting.This deal is very good for Zairon, because it bolsters their position in their own war, and not so great for these colonies, but they don't see it that way. Instant gratification is very tempting and they end up taking the deal.

Six, meanwhile, has officially grown tired of politics, so it looks like he's going to need a new life's purpose.


Our big cliffhanger though is a bit of a doozy. Five and Android, still attempting to fix the Blink Drive because it's obviously very important, think they've figured it out. While they're attempting to run a diagnostic, however, there is a pulse that knocks out the entire crew, and possibly all of the ship's systems. Not good.

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