Dark Matter Season 3 opens with a bang and a blink

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Jun 13, 2017, 4:12 PM EDT (Updated)

Dark Matter is back for Season 3 with a double-episode premiere. We start with the fallout on EOS7 in Being Good Is So Much Harder.

Everyone is exactly where we left them last year, only somehow worse. Ryo succeeded in blowing up EOS7 and getting the hell out of Dodge, but the rest of his former crewmates haven’t been so lucky. Two, Three, Five and Six are all still stuck on the station, and it is going down in flames.

Five manages to escape with Commander Truffaut, which is lucky, since I guess we trust her for now. Two and Six manage to meet up in the chaos and make their way to the waiting Marauder, while Three remains missing in action. The last time we saw him, he was barely conscious and beaten all to hell and possibly being rescued by Anders. We’ll check back with him later.

Two and Six get about five seconds away from the station before they’re hit with the blast, and their comms, navigation and power are knocked out. At least they still have oxygen … for now.

Five and Truffaut manage to make it back to the Raza just in time for the ship to be set upon by Ferrous Corp. There’s a war on, you know, and they are not wasting any time. They duke it out until both ships are stuck floating in space, and Ferrous soldiers decide to board the Raza. The ladies have something else in mind, though, setting a trap involving Five busting out the BIG guns and Android popping up out of a barrel, her own guns blazing, like both the best and worst jack-in-the-box ever.

Three has been off on his own adventure this whole time. Turns out, Anders did pull him to safety, and now they’re stranded in an abandoned mining facility with one gun between them and a very angry security drone on their heels.

Two and Six manage to get the comms up and running, contacting the Raza. Everyone is very happy to find the others alive, but Android puts an end to the celebrations by telling them all that Nyx is dead, murdered by Ryo when he boarded the Raza to steal the Blink Drive.

Two and Six don’t have much time to mourn, though, because now they’re also losing Oxygen. Two locks Six in the back of the Marauder with most of the air while she decides to take a chance that her nanites will be able to keep her alive, like they did that time she got spaced. It’s not a very well thought-out plan, but it's more plan than they had 10 seconds ago. In a guilt and oxygen-deprived hallucination, Two sees Nyx who tells her she’s amazing, and that none of this is her fault. They say their goodbyes, sealed with a kiss, and Two passes out.

Ryo has also been popping around this episode. He’s back on Zairon, and his first action after starting a corporate war is to free his old teacher, Teku, from prison. Teku was locked up by Ryo’s stepbrother and mother for maintaining his allegiance to Ryo and his father, so Ryo offers his teacher a place on his court. Misaki is not so pleased about this, but then she doesn’t like any of Ryo’s friends.

Three and Anders manage to take out the security drone, and after a few deep conversations about whether “good” and “bad” mean anything anymore, Anders decides not to give up Three to the GA. He leaves him in the mining facility and tells the Raza where to pick him up.

Speaking of the Raza, while Three was having a shootout with a drone, Two and Six found themselves back on board, conscious, and not at all dead (go nanites!). Two has a heart-to-heart with the departing Truffaut, who assures her that Mikkei will remain neutral in the war, so long as it suits them. She then tells Two not to let the guilt get to her, which is surprisingly good advice coming from Truffaut.

With the whole Raza crew back together and a corporate war threatening the galaxy and everyone in it, it’s time to decide what to do for the rest of the season. They discuss their plans over a lovely casserole Android has prepared (the secret ingredient is love … and basil) and things shake out as you expect: Three wants to loot the whole place, Six wants to join the fight. Two though, knows exactly what they’re going to do. They’re going to steal back the Blink Drive and kill Ryo Ishida.

Oh, and Five has a super secret project that involves a computer, some virtual reality and the salvaged digital consciousness of Three’s dead girlfriend, Sarah.

But we don't have time to dive deeper into Sarah's new status, because it's time to head into Episode 2: It Doesn't Have to Be Like This.

The crew is fulfilling their promise to take the fight to Ryo, but first they need to find the Blink Drive, which means sending Five on a trip down memory lane. She discovers that Ryo is likely keeping the drive on a super secret, hidden research station parked in a radiation-heavy nebula, but before they head out, they have one last debate about whether the plan to kill Ryo is the right choice. Two and Three say yes. He killed Nyx, so he must die. But Five and Six aren’t so convinced murder is the right option. Then again, not even Six will stand in the way of Two when she’s this pissed off.

They make their way to the research station, firing upon it immediately before launching the Marauder with a boarding party of Two, Three and Six. This less-than-subtle assault gets Ryo’s attention, who sends a Transfer Transit clone of himself to the station to confront his friends himself.

Back on Zairon, Misaki and Teku resume their verbal sparring. Misaki tells a story about being bullied at the academy. She was too good, you see, and some of the boys didn’t like that, so they cornered her after class to teach her a lesson. Years later, she would teach them all a lesson of their own, and her version involves eye gouging. The way she leans into Teku while telling this tale makes it obvious she means it as a warning about what happens when you threaten her plans, and I would kind of respect her if she didn’t straight-up scare the crap out of me.

On the station, Ryo demands his scientists use the Blink Drive to get away from the Raza, despite the fact that it is not ready. They comply, with predictably disastrous results. Instead of sending them to an alternate reality, though, they’re stuck halfway in and out of reality, in a big white void of space-time, which is not somewhere you really want to be.

On the Raza, Five and Android are worried about their friends, but their efforts to find them are hindered a bit by the fact that Five is having some issues of her own. She keeps blacking out and traveling into her own lost memories, where she discovers that before joining the Raza, she had a friend and mentor. She was working in a repair shop for an older guy, which is where she learned all her mad skills. He was so taken with her, and so concerned for her future, that he offered to pay to send her to a tech college. It’s a very happy little memory, but bittersweet because you know where the story ends: amnesia on the Raza.

Two and Three blast their way onto the research station and begin hunting for the Blink Drive before being headed off by Ryo. At first this seems like a good thing -- they can kill two birds this way -- but nothing is ever so simple. That void? Yeah, it’s shrinking, and you do not want to be there when it catches up to you. Two and Three try to convince Ryo to let them help evac the crew in exchange for the Blink Drive. He’s not having it, so Three shoots him, only to discover it’s not Ryo at all but a clone.

They convince one of the research scientists to take the deal Ryo would not, but when they get to the pod where the rest of the crew is holed up, they’re too late. It’s been eaten by the void. They head to the lab to grab the Blink Drive and find it missing, the friendly scientist dead and the other threatening to throw the drive into the void and kill them all. That simply will not do, so Two and Three make quick work of her, grab the drive and head back to normal space.

Back on the Raza, Five has taken a turn for the worse, and the only way to save her is to wall off the crew’s memories and hope it doesn’t fry her brain. There’s time for one more memory, though, where Five learns from her new/old friend that she has a long-lost sister who was adopted by some wealthy folks when she was a baby. She doesn’t learn more, though, because Android starts the procedure and saves her life, removing the memories but leaving what she’s learned from them.

Oh, and Four found out that Misaki killed Nyx, and he’s NOT happy. He threatens Misaki’s life, but she says that his feelings for Nyx made him weak, and soon he will have to “deal with” the rest of his former friends the same way.

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