Dark Souls’ Firelink Shrine looks block-tastic in player-created LEGO Worlds mode: Watch

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Jun 4, 2018, 1:52 PM EDT

Is there anything that can't be taken to whole new levels of awesome just by giving it the LEGO treatment? Add this killer, player-created version of Dark Souls Firelink Shrine to the growing list of stuff that just looks cool when rendered in blocky cartoon mode.

A gamer who goes by the handle of MythicMarty on YouTube and Reddit sat back and watched his handcrafted version of Dark Souls’ central player hub go viral over the weekend, as his five-minute gameplay clip racked up more than 300,000 views in two days. Built atop the tools that come packed in with the LEGO Worlds sandbox game, the dead center of Lordran — one of gaming’s most lethal environments — has never looked this... cute.

MythicMarty on YouTube

Naturally, everyone went bananas over this bouncy, light-on-its-feet take on Dark Souls’ oh-so-frequently visited respawn point. It’s hard not to laugh when his spear-toting, shield-beating knight is surprised by the game’s first jump-scare enemy (skeletons) and gets ridiculed in adorably hilarious fashion when the notoriously brutal game’s “YOU DIED” screen sends him right back where he started (but don’t worry — our hero ended up making it back to retrieve those lost souls.)

Constructing the Firelink Shrine took about a month, MythicMarty told Reddit’s Dark Souls community, and he’s already planning to expand the game’s LEGO treatment with two additional zones. Nearly everything in this clip came straight from LEGO Worlds’ robust environmental creation tool; the HUD display, he said, was added using Adobe After Effects.

With Dark Souls Remastered newly released in late May for PC and game consoles, returning to one of the early titles in FromSoftware’s unforgivingly challenging Souls series was already on our minds. But thanks to this block-tastic Lego take, we can never look at a dodge roll the same way again.