Clash creator ALREADY at work on 2013 summer blockbuster

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Legendary Pictures, the production company behind The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Clash of the Titans and others, has its sights set next on alien invaders.

The company has bought a story called Pacific Rim from screenwriter Travis Beacham, who wrote the original script—later rewritten—for this year's Clash of the Titans update. According to Deadline, the plot follows a future attack on Earth by "malevolent creatures" that forces the nations of the world to unite and use advanced technology to stop them. Beacham turned in a detailed 25-page treatment, which Legendary jumped on for a high six-figure sum.

Beacham is a busy guy. Not only is he working on this, but he's also writing a new version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as a remake of Disney's The Black Hole. Deadline also says that he is writing a super-secret project for J.J. Abrams, but it's not clear if this is the recently announced Super 8 or some new mystery movie that Abrams has cooked up.

As for Legendary Pictures, not only is it the place where Christopher Nolan is hatching Inception, Batman 3 and a reboot of Superman, but the company also has Clash of the Titans 2, a new Godzilla movie and flicks based on the World of Warcraft and Mass Effect video games in the works.

The company reportedly sees Pacific Rim as a summer blockbuster and plans to get it out in 2013, joining a growing list of aliens-vs.-humans movies arriving in the next few years that includes (deep breath) Battle: Los Angeles, Super 8, Battleship, Area 51, I Am Number Four, The Darkest Hour and even a District 9 sequel. That's a lot of evil ETs!

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