Clash creator ALREADY at work on 2013 summer blockbuster

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Dec 14, 2012

Legendary Pictures, the production company behind The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Clash of the Titans and others, has its sights set next on alien invaders.

The company has bought a story called Pacific Rim from screenwriter Travis Beacham, who wrote the original script—later rewritten—for this year's Clash of the Titans update. According to Deadline, the plot follows a future attack on Earth by "malevolent creatures" that forces the nations of the world to unite and use advanced technology to stop them. Beacham turned in a detailed 25-page treatment, which Legendary jumped on for a high six-figure sum.

Beacham is a busy guy. Not only is he working on this, but he's also writing a new version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as a remake of Disney's The Black Hole. Deadline also says that he is writing a super-secret project for J.J. Abrams, but it's not clear if this is the recently announced Super 8 or some new mystery movie that Abrams has cooked up.

As for Legendary Pictures, not only is it the place where Christopher Nolan is hatching Inception, Batman 3 and a reboot of Superman, but the company also has Clash of the Titans 2, a new Godzilla movie and flicks based on the World of Warcraft and Mass Effect video games in the works.

The company reportedly sees Pacific Rim as a summer blockbuster and plans to get it out in 2013, joining a growing list of aliens-vs.-humans movies arriving in the next few years that includes (deep breath) Battle: Los Angeles, Super 8, Battleship, Area 51, I Am Number Four, The Darkest Hour and even a District 9 sequel. That's a lot of evil ETs!

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