Dark Knight Rises' 3rd explosive trailer aims to break the Batman

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Dec 17, 2012

With the world all in a tizzy overThe Avengers, leave it to Christopher Nolan to try and steal some of Thor's thunder with this, the third and final theatrical trailer for Christian Bale's third and final Batman film. Are you ready for one more trip into Gotham City?

This is a strange amalgam, this trailer. On the one hand, it seems designed to reveal little—there's new footage, sure, but it doesn't really amount to much new information. Ultimately, it kind of feels like a bunch of shots just butted together, with nothing but our collective desire to hold it together. It's almost as if Nolan is refusing to give us anything to dig into—we see more of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Gotham cop than we do of Batman, and that's saying something.

That said, its silence is striking, the absence of sound adds a sort of funereal vibe to what we see, which is perfect for this, the Dark Knight's final chapter.

But, man...that Bane voice still needs lots of work before the July 20th opening. What to you think? Do you feel hyped up or kinda let down?

(Via First Showing)

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