Darkwing Duck coming to Disney XD's DuckTales reboot

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

The DuckTales reboot at Disney XD just got a little bit more dangerous. As the network looks to revive the fan-favorite animated series, they’re also bringing Darkwing Duck — aka the terror that flaps in the night — along for the ride.

Entertainment Weekly reports Darkwing Duck will be a supporting character on DuckTales, which makes sense, considering his sidekick LaunchPad is already a series regular. Darkwing popped up during the DuckTales panel at San Diego Comic-Con via a piece of concept art, along with a shot of his nemesis Megavolt and his motorcycle the Ratcatcher. No word on how big a role he’ll play in the series, but here’s hoping St. Canard’s favorite hero gets a chance to shine.

It’s great to see Darkwing getting a new lease on life (something we’ve been hoping would happen for a while now), though you have to wonder why Darkwing didn’t just get his own series in the first place. The original, 1991 series was a spinoff from DuckTales but grew into a cult hit in its own right. Superheroes are bigger than ever these days, so how is that not a no-brainer, right? Fingers crossed this is just the beginning of a Darkwing renaissance.

DuckTales premieres August 12 with a TV movie on Disney XD, ahead of the formal series premiere on September 23.

Hey, maybe Darkwing can swoop in  and save Donald from these pirates?


(Via Entertainment Weekly)