DARPA's Atlas Robot can do the Crane Stance. Waxing on and off inevitable.

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Nov 12, 2014

We are a culture that is often afraid of our own technology. But what's funny is that we don't worry about the actual consequences of our computer tech right now -- like, for instance, that, by perpetually having more than 10 tabs open on your browser and constantly shifting between them, never paying attention to any one thing for more than a few minutes, you're retraining your brain in such a way that it is slowly losing its ability to retain long-term memories. That is an actual thing that happens, and it's just one thing on a long list of real-life, present-day consequences of modern technology.

But don't worry about that stuff! What if our computers become truly sentient and overthrow us, thus ending the civilization of man? That's the crisis! Well, friend, today you can rest easy, because the machines won't be rising up anytime soon. Here's how we know -- DARPA, whose job it is to make technology that makes us ponder the pending robopocalypse, can't even approach making the Terminator. The closest they've got is their 6-foot, 330-pound robot Atlas, and the closest it's come to attacking is sort of kind of doing the crane kick from Karate Kid.

See for yourself. Note: This video is super loud, so you should turn your volume way down.

There. Feel a little less scared about the robot uprising now that you know Atlas isn't anywhere close to sweeping the leg yet? You should. And you should also feel safe in the knowledge that Atlas will never learn that technique, because, just like the T-800, the Cobra Kai dojo doesn't exist.

I'm not saying this robot isn't very cool. It is. But its greatest ability may be providing some much-needed perspective on what robots can and cannot do.

(via Kotaku)

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