Darth Vader is running for office in the Ukraine. Watch his epic campaign ad right here.

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Oct 16, 2014, 11:51 AM EDT

If you think politics can get a little wonky in the U.S., just take a peek at how things are going in the Ukraine’s latest election. Two words: Vote Vader.

The Ukrainian Internet Party is throwing its support behind Darth Vader in Ukraine's parliamentary elections, coming up on Oct. 26. So how do they promote the Sith Lord’s ambitious run for office? A video campaign ad, with Vader strumming the classic theme on a traditional Ukrainian instrument. In a beautiful field. With a horse, for some reason.

Needless to say, it’s hilarious due to sheer absurdity. But it’s the placement of that lightsaber that really sells it. I mean, why wouldn’t you vote for this guy? If nothing else, it’s nice to see Vader get back in the saddle after his failed bid for Ukrainian president.

But if Vader isn’t your type of candidate, there are also more than a dozen Star Wars-inspired candidates on the ballot, including Master Volodymyrovych Yoda, Emperor Viktorovych Palpatine, Master V. Yoda, and Padme N. Amidala. If this seems a bit odd, it kind of is, but Star Wars characters have proven a popular tool for political parties to garner attention as part of publicity stunts. Which, we have to admit, totally works.

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