Darth Vader Yule log is five hours of burning Sith for your holiday cheer

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Dec 16, 2015, 12:45 PM EST

You know what a Yule log is, right? It’s a specially selected log that is burned during Christmas. And when you hear the words “Darth Vader Yule log” you might think, “Oh, look, a Yule log that’s black and reeks of the dark side.” But that’s not what YouTuber BenjaminApple had in his deliciously evil mind.

BenjaminApple decided to geek up the tradition by replacing the wood log with something less festive ... and more hilarious.

It’s a YouTube clip comprised of five hours of Anakin burning.

According to that font of knowledge Wikipedia, the tradition of burning a Yule log has its roots in pre-Christian Germanic folklore. However, many have forgone the tradition (and the whole “having a fireplace”) in favor of a firewood clip on their TV screens. Or even former Sith lords. 

Think of it as consigning Anakin’s body to the Force. And since he soon learns the ability of Force ghost, it’s the best holiday present we could give him.


(Via Verge)