Darth Vader's Facebook Look Back video is filled with awesome Star Wars moments

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Feb 13, 2014, 12:43 PM EST

If you're on Facebook -- and 1.23 billion of you are -- you'll know the social network has recently provided its users with "look back" videos. These one-minute videos highlight your more popular posts since you joined, all set to music intended to make you all misty and nostalgic for that one time you uploaded a picture of your dinner and everybody liked it. According to Mashable, nearly 200 million people have viewed their look back videos, and almost 100 million have shared them. Among those who have shared their videos: one Anakin Skywalker ... or, as he's better known, Darth Vader.

Well, Josh Dill, posing as Darth Vader. But this looks like something the Dark Lord of the Sith would have fun sending to his minions.

Yes, minions. As the video shows us, Vader only has besties until they fail him.

Check it out.