Darth Vader's ready to fight in new Star Wars Rebels Season 2 clip

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Jun 16, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Before Star Wars Rebels premiered, everyone was anxiously waiting to see how the first major Disney-era Star Wars story would turn out, and now we're just anxiously waiting to see more. Over the course of just 14 episodes (one of them being a double-length TV movie), the show won over plenty of fans, crafted new characters we grew to love, re-introduced old favorites and opened up the world of pre-New Hope Star Wars in ways that even the Expanded Universe hadn't before.

As the series debuted, we were promised a show that would weave new stories into the familiar Star Wars landscape and a show that would give us a new understanding of how the events of the original Star Wars trilogy took shape. Season 1 did a very good job of establishing the right tone for that, and now Season 2 is going to take all that potential and run with it, starting off strong with no less a villain than Darth Vader.

That's right, there's no Inquisitor this time around, so the rebels have to deal with Vader (voiced by the great James Earl Jones) right out of the gate with the Season 2 TV movie premiere, "The Siege of Lothal." In the first clip released from the episode, Ezra, Kanan and the rest of the Ghost crew face off against the legendary Sith lord, and though it seems they got the jump on him at least for a moment, Vader's legendary resilience prevails. Check it out:

We don't know how much we'll end up seeing of Vader as Season 2 progresses, but we do know that he's not the only familiar face around. Clone Wars favorite Ahsoka Tano will be back, along with Captain Rex, Captain Gregor and Being Human star Sam Witwer as Emperor Palpatine.

"The Siege of Lothal" premieres Saturday on Disney XD. 

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