Darth Vader's 1983 Camaro is for sale on eBay!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

When the Death Star's been destroyed and the TIE fighters are in the shop, what does a Dark Lord use for reliable transportation? Turns out—a 1983 Chevy Camaro. And ... well ... it also turns out that it was actually actor David Prowse who used to own it, not Vader. But if you're ready to fork over £650 (which is the starting bid) or more—it and the bragging rights could be yours!

Sounds great, right? I mean, how many of those Slave Leias could you pick up at San Diego Comic-Con if you told the cosplayers, "Wanna ride in Darth Vader's Camero?" I'm sure they'd flock. (So sure.)

But caveat emptor—you might need to put some TLC into this blue baby because it's mechanically speaking ... "rough."

A few quotes from the eBay listing:

"... there is currently no drive from the gearbox in any gear. the previous owner installed a new torque converter but still no drive, indicating an internal fault with the gearbox..."
"... the horn doesn't work and power steering has a bit of a leak and a blow in the exhaust. there is rust around the windsreen, front pillar. above drivers door and on the drivers door and a hole in the hood. common rust places on these cars. ...
"... the engine did smoke a bit on start up but it has hardly been run for a few years so probably just needs running. ...
"... it will NEED to be trailered away, you cant drive it, you cant tow it. please be aware that it will need to be pulled out of my driveway as its been there a year and the brakes are probable stuck ...

So it's a bit of a fixer-upper. But who cares? That not scary to true gearheads. (And Rebel scum!)

Any takers? I bet you could install a horn that plays The Imperial March.

(via Hooniverse)