Darth Vader's psychosis is Jedi propaganda!—and more

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week (who knew Darth Vader wasn't emotionally stable?), in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: 23 hot, creepy or weird sci-fi creatures humans have had sex with

Your best comment: How does the saying go? Women need an excuse, Men just need the opportuniity....

Just goes to show, as we haven't seen any blue people around, that aliens haven't visited us sexually as yet... :)— divephotog

Our story: Image of the Day: Queen knights Patrick Stewart with a Bat'leth

Your best comment: If you were any other man I would KILL you where you stand!!— closeencounters

Our story: We round up 21 trailers from this summer's sci-fi movies

Your best comment: I'm laughing that the title of the Nanny McPhee sequel has been changed for American audiences. What, is "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang" somehow deemed inappropriate for the USA when it seems to be okay in the rest of the world?

Next thing you know, they'll be changing the name of "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone" to something much more basic, like... oh, whoops, too late.— dakalmog

Our story: Major Indy 5 News: Bermuda Triangle, the last of Harrison Ford

Your best comment: Reboot it going back to his WWII adventures in the OSS as a spy. Bring back Sean Patrick Flannery for the role now that he is the right age for that era.— The Gipper

Our story: Video of that awesome 1979 Alien toy that got banned

Your best comment: I converted my sister's barbie doll into a Sigourney Weaver in her underwear toy. — NoNewsHere

Our story: 8 great sci-fi films that were never finished

Your best comment: What about the version of "I, Robot" that never got beyond the Harlan Ellison script? The screenplay is available in a book, and it would have been infinitely better than the Will Smith film.— ecgordon

Our story: George Lucas releases new, horrific version of cantina scene

Your best comment: I love how after copying the cantina scene almost to the letter, at the end of the video it says "celibrate origiinality"— faythan

Our story: Here's our Summer TV Mega Preview of 40 sci-fi shows and movies

Your best comment: Really, ABC? You can bring back Happy Town but now Defying Gravity? Come on... You can recap the beginning of the season, play the remaining, unaired episodes (which don't suffer from the 'slow-moving' effect of the first few episodes) as a mini-series event, or marathon or something! It was such a good show, you just didn't give the country a chance to actually watch it!— sjw

Our story: Image of the Day: Star Wars corsets (might be slightly NSFW)

Your best comment: Now I know what to give my Mom for Christmas...— PJ

Our story: Psychologists determine Darth Vader was mentally ill

Your best comment: Just more Jedi propaganda! The Jedi are just a bunch filthy assassins. Don't believe that crazy propaganda coming from their stooge Lucas, that guy is totally distorting reality!

The Sith are dedicated to knowledge and started publishing all the b.s the Jedi are doing and the next thing you know, pogroms against the Sith and their families begin, even in galaxies far, far away from their own!

If the Jedi make it here in person instead of just mind-controlling brain-beams (ahem G.L.) then we're seriously screwed.

Without the Sith, they'll make us slaves and eat us. It's not called soylent but the Jedi gotta feed their army somehow. No Bull, see a lot of farms in the films? Cuz the Jedi got no use for them or even be familiar with what they look like.

Free the Sith!— Delta Ranger

Our story: 7 screen grabs from the 1st Thor footage (Odin revealed!)

Your best comment: How much you want to bet that there will be a big uproar, because Natalie Portman used the word "midget"?— Vikes4ever

Our story: Heroes might come back as a miniseries. Here are the details:

Your best comment: Adrian Pasdar's new characters power will be beating a dead horse.— kernel_thai

Our story: Jennifer Love Hewitt 'obsessed' with landing Wonder Woman lead

Your best comment: I'd be much happier if Hollywood derailed the "It Girl" train and cast an unknown actress -- preferably someone Greek or Mediterranean. She doesn't even need to speak perfect English. After all, Wonder Woman is from another country.

My only other requirements: she needs to be tall, athletic, buxom, and have long, flowing black hair.

These are my demands. They are not negotiable. :)— FilmGuru