Daughter of Superman co-creator won't be 'bullied' by Warner Bros.

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Dec 17, 2012

The battle over Superman's rights just keeps getting messier, and now the daughter of Man of Steel co-creator Jerry Siegel has opened up about the fight. The gist of her message? She's tired of seeing her family be pushed around by Warner Bros. and DC.

Laura Siegel Larson, Jerry's daughter, has released a statement telling her family's side of the battle—noting she has no plans to give up until she can fulfill her father's dying wish of reclaiming the rights to Superman.

The Siegel family is essentially trying to "terminate" Warner Bros./DC's control of the franchise and reclaim the rights to the character. Of course, the studio is fighting tooth and nail to keep it, which has apparently resulted in a bit of mud-slinging against the Larson's family attorney.

It's gotten pretty ugly, and Larson's letter is an intriguing look behind the curtain at what exactly has gone down the past 13 years.

Check out the full letter below, via The Hollywood Reporter:

LSL Open Letter 10.11.2012-1

So what's your take on the dispute?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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