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Dave Filoni has piqued the curiosity of people within Lucasfilm regarding the Star Wars Rebels finale

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Mar 10, 2018, 2:42 PM EST (Updated)

The Star Wars Rebels series finale may have aired days ago, but the effects are still being felt throughout the fandom and the questions just keep coming.

*Spoiler Warning*

What happened to Ezra and Thrawn? Where was Ahsoka all that time? Where are she and Sabine off to? Those are just some of the questions fans had after the finale. In wrapping up Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni created as many new questions as he answered -- which is sort of what Dave Filoni does.

Most of the time, those mysteries are left there for fans to ponder because they don't necessarily need to be answered and they allow fans to speculate their own outcomes, but one reveal from the Rebels finale has created larger ripples than Dave may have anticipated.

Jacen Syndulla.

From a storytelling perspective, especially when you consider Rebels is technically a kids' show, Jacen was a way to ease the pain of Kanan's death and confirm that Hera and Kanan were, indeed, in a sexual relationship. It doesn't specify how long they were lovers or when Jacen was conceived, but it answered the question perfectly while also giving us a glimpse of Hera that's truly happy. All in all, it was a great little scene.

However, both Jacen's name and the existence of another potential Force-sensitive child only served to pique everyone's curiosity, including other creatives at Lucasfilm, as we learned in this io9 interview.

“I have not given a lot of thought to where that goes, to be honest,” Filoni said. “That doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t in the future. I’m already getting asked internally a lot about it from people here [at Lucasfilm].”

From what Dave says, it wasn't his intention to start a whole new series of questions and theories. Instead, he says it was a small way to honor the EU's Jacen Solo, but Star Wars fans know what happened to Jacen and now they're very interested in just what Filoni might have planned for the future. Head over to io9 to read more of the interview with Dave Filoni.