Dave Filoni reveals new Star Wars Rebels details on Ahsoka and Kanan's relationship

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Dave Filoni, executive producer of Star Wars Rebels and head of Lucasfilm animation, has been filling the summer of late with little insights into Rebels and the moments we haven't seen on screen. Of course the show can't depict every second of these characters' lives, but Filoni and the Star Wars Story Group know more than we've seen on screen.

After revealing a bombshell of a conversation between Ahsoka Tano and Bendu, the mysterious Force creature on the series a couple of weeks ago, this week Filoni explored a more straightforward relationship and chat, between Ahsoka and Kanan Jarrus.

First, Filoni revealed that "YES, Kanan and Ahsoka knew each other, had met while they were younglings at the Jedi Temple." The pair of young Jedi-to-be "did not know each other well," he cautioned, but said they very specifically had done one part of training together: saber training. A neat touch, since Kanan then has to teach lightsaber use to both Ezra and Sabine, and Ahsoka is one of the best lightsaber fighters in Star Wars.

When next they met, years later in the events of Rebels, Filoni said they had a conversation wherein Ahsoka tried to assess whether Kanan was truly ready for what's to come. Here is Filoni's script for that scene, a truly touching exchange between the pair.

AHSOKA: Even at a young age you were gifted with a lightsaber. But without training and discipline, those skills fade.

KANAN: So it seems.

(Kanan gets up again, he is a bit dispirited.)

KANAN (CONT’D): I haven’t had to fight with my lightsaber very often. For a while, I chose not to. I was...

(Kanan struggles with the moment. Ahsoka helps).

AHSOKA: You were afraid to use it. I understand.

(Kanan appreciates her words.)

KANAN: I’ve been teaching Ezra as best I can. I want him to be the Jedi I’m not, that I couldn’t be.

AHSOKA: And I want you to be the Jedi that you are.

Yes, Ahsoka mentored Ezra a bit in Rebels Season 2, but she was also a direct mentor to Kanan. That final line, well, it's one of those perfect Star Wars lines, foreshadowing what's to come and really changing someone's entire perception of themselves in just a few simple words.

Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD this fall for the fourth and final season.