David Ayer still working on Gotham City Sirens despite exit rumors

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:20 AM EDT (Updated)

The Warner Bros./DC presentation at Comic-Con last weekend raised a few eyebrows when fans noticed that Gotham City Sirens was not on the list of upcoming DC movies that flashed across the video screens at one point.

Gotham City Sirens, which would unite Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad with Catwoman and Poison Ivy as a trio of bad girl antiheroes, was announced late last year, with Suicide Squad director David Ayer attached to get behind the camera.

But little has been heard about it since, and there have been rumors that Ayer -- who is already not coming back for Suicide Squad 2 -- was exiting the project. Mashable reported that Ayer's experience on the heavily re-edited and re-shot Suicide Squad soured him on sticking around the DC Extended Universe.

Those rumors were exacerbated by the lack of any mention of the film at Comic-Con, plus Ayer's own appearance at the show on behalf of his upcoming Netflix film Bright. During the panel for that movie, Ayer launched a few digs at major studio filmmaking, which many interpreted as indirect jabs at Warner Bros.

But according to Slashfilm, Ayer and his reps have confirmed that he's still attached to Gotham City Sirens, that the movie is still in development, and that a script is being written as well. Ayer also posted this on his Twitter feed:

That seems to be a pretty clear indication that he's still involved, although with the DCEU constantly changing, there's no real guarantee how long he'll stick around, or whether Gotham City Sirens will even make it to the screen. Ayer goes for the grittier side of things in his films, and that kind of tone may be fading from the DC universe thanks to the success of Patty Jenkins' more humanistic Wonder Woman and the impact of Joss Whedon doing reshoots and rewrites on the still-in-production Justice League. So Ayer's worldview might not fit with those going forward. 

Would you like to see Gotham City Sirens still move forward with David Ayer at the helm?