David Blue explains how Stargate Universe should continue

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Feb 26, 2013, 4:33 PM EST

Lots of Stargate Universe fans are still holding out hope that the show will someday make a triumphant return, and co-star David Blue is among them.

[Spoilers ahread!]

The show's second season infamously ended with a cliffhanger that left Blue's character Eli Wallace alone on Destiny's observation deck while the rest of the crew were safe in stasis pods. Eli had an estimated two weeks left to fix the one remaining, broken stasis pod, or face the possibility of death when the ship's life support systems were shut down.

Blue's held off talking about what he thinks happened to Eli and the rest of the Destiny crew for nearly two years, hoping that he'd have the chance to actually act out the story on TV, but while fielding a variety of Twitter questions recently, he finally broke his silence on Eli's fate.

"I do think Eli survived," Blue said. "I think he would have figured out a way to get the power back on and gone on his own adventures for three years or more. And I'd like to believe that's what happened, and that's what's still happening, and maybe one day we'll find out what those adventures were."

Blue even went so far as to describe a scenario he "half-jokingly" pitched to SGU's co-creator Brad Wright near the end of filming season two, that would have the Destiny crew rediscovering a very battered but battle-hardened Eli very much alive as they came out of stasis three years later. Sadly, it seems like we might never see that or any other SGU continuation, but like fans everywhere, even Blue's still holding out hope that he'll have more adventures aboard Destiny.

Check out the full interview with Blue in the video below. The bit about Eli starts at around the 7:00 mark. 

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