David Boreanaz chimes in on Buffy reboot at NYCC: 'I'm all for it'

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Oct 4, 2018

Actor David Boreanaz said at New York Comic Con that he hopes the upcoming reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is "huge and successful."

In a Q&A session with the former Buffy and Angel star, Boreanaz told attendees that the reboot — the mention of which was met at first with resounding boos during the actor's talk — was "embracing something new" and that he was "all for it."

Boreanaz played the mysterious vampire known as Angel on Buffy when the show debuted in 1997. He then continued to play the role in his spinoff series, Angel, which ran for five seasons before its cancellation in 2004. In August, Boreanaz gave the recently announced revival of the show his blessing, saying he thinks "it's great," and seeing it get revived "is just another testimony to the hard work that we did.”

The actor echoed those sentiments during his NYCC chat with Entertainment Weekly editor-at-large Lynette Rice, telling the initially negative audience that it was a "good thing":

"I'm very happy for them. It's embracing something new. Things move on. Stories evolve. Times change. I'm all for it. Good for them. I hope it becomes huge and successful."

Boreanaz's generous comments turned the boos into applause and he further lightened the mood by joking that he was happy not to wear the Angel makeup anymore. He also noted that with so many different people playing iconic characters like Batman or Superman, why couldn't the same be done for Buffy and company?

Since his time as Angel, Boreanaz has starred in the hit shows Bones and SEAL Team, which means the 49-year-old actor has pretty much been working in television non-stop since the late '90s. (The gap between the Angel finale and the Bones premiere was something like 16 months.).

SEAL Team just launched its 2nd season on CBS-TV, and after a clip from the show was screened, Boreanaz explained why he thought promoting a military drama at an event heavily about sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes was appropriate:

"I consider these guys true superheroes...There's no green screen, no fake blood. They go on missions and risk their lives to keep this country safe."

In other highlights of his talk with Rice, Boreanaz was asked to sing "Mandy" — a reference to a beloved karaoke scene from Angel — but politely declined, and also recalled the moment he found out he got the role on Buffy: "I was just walking my dog in West Hollywood," he explained, when he thought someone was cruising him and looking to pick him up.

The fellow turned out to be his manager (who was in the audience) with the news that would change the course of the actor's career: "The role was for a 245-year-old vampire with a soul...he was like Joe Lewis, you couldn't keep him down." That's what hooked Boreanaz: "Vampire? Didn't care. But heart of a boxer? I was in."

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