David Bradley wants to reprise his role as the First Doctor in Doctor Who

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT (Updated)

As we know, David Bradley will be playing the First Doctor, the role created by William Hartnell back in 1963, in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time.” Bradley will also be voicing the First Doctor in a Big Finish audiobook series. And if he has his way, he’ll be returning to Doctor Who again.

According to Digital Spy, Bradley appeared at MCM London Comic Con this weekend, where someone asked if he saw a future for himself in televised Doctor Who. He said, “I think it would be fun. … I’d be very interested, yeah. Of course.”

Although Doctors have crossed each other’s timelines before—for example, The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, The Two Doctors, and The Day of the Doctor—it tends to happen only as a very special event. Therefore, it’s unlikely that Bradley will appear after 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi regenerates into 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

But as Doctor Who fans know, nothing is impossible.

We’re already excited about Bradley’s portrayal of the First Doctor, even though, technically, we’ve never seen it before: When Bradley first played the Doctor in Adventure in Space and Time, it was in character. Bradley was actually playing actor William Hartnell, who was playing the Doctor.

Technically, the only time we’ve seen Bradley’s Doctor is during the final seconds of Capaldi’s last episode, “The Doctor Falls,” as well as a trailer for the upcoming "Twice Upon a Time.”

We’ll leave the trailer here again, to remind you of just how awesome we know Bradley will be in the role—and how much we’d like to see him again.

(Via DigitalSpy)