David Duchovny explains why he's now willing to make another X-Files series

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Apr 30, 2015

Fans have been waiting for an X-Files revival ever since we were wholly disappointed by the 2008 movie, I Want to Believe. But stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, as well as creator Chris Carter, have wanted to re-open the X-Files--but only for a two-hour movie. Duchovny now explains why he is willing to get back in the saddle for another TV show.

It turns out that the show's principals are willing to return because the new X-Files will be a mere six episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Duchovny said, "We all started to think, 'I don’t mind doing it on TV if we don’t have to do a full season.' We just could make it like a six-hour movie."

Shows like the successful Agent Carter—as well as the long-standing BBC model of short seasons—have proved you can tell a complete story in only a handful of episodes. As Duchovny said, "[T]he TV landscape changed and as it became conceivable to do this show without doing 22 or 25 [episodes] of them on television, then it seemed like a natural thing."

Duchovny famously played the seeker-of-truth Fox Mulder in The X-Files for seven seasons, before he left over a contract dispute; he appeared in only half of season eight and only the finale in season nine. 

His new show, Aquarius, will air on May 28. The series is only 13 episodes.

(Via THR)

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