David Duchovny on X-Files revival: 'It's never done until one of us dies’

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Jun 25, 2014, 8:38 PM EDT (Updated)

David Duchovny’s schedule is about to open up, and he has a few ideas about how he’d like to spend some of that newfound time — hunting aliens and solving the weird and the wild with another X-Files movie.

His long-running cable dramedy Californication is ending this week, and Rolling Stone asked the actor the odds of him returning to his suit-and-tie days as conspiracy seeker Agent Fox Mulder. We’re glad to report he’s still very into the idea.

According to Duchovny, he wishes they’d have been able to do more with the franchise up to this point, and he promises the idea won’t die so long as he, fellow co-star Gillian Anderson and series creator Chris Carter are still kicking.

Here’s an excerpt:

"I would always want to do it. I wish we'd done more already. I wish the second one did better business. I think it did OK business, but not the kind of business where you get to do another one right away … It's just a matter of interest from Fox and scheduling. Chris has got a new show. Gillian's working. I'm working. It's not impossible, but it's not easy. And I never think it's done. I'd say, it's never done until one of us dies – until one of us three is gone."

Though 2008’s I Want To Believe wasn’t great, you’d have to think fans would be up for another sequel if it actually tackled the bread-and-butter alien storyline still dangling from the series last few seasons. What do you think? Is there room for a few new cases?

(Via Rolling Stone)