Stranger Things- David Harbour dances as Jim Hopper

David Harbour loses another Twitter bet and dances with penguins in Antarctica

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Feb 21, 2018, 5:48 PM EST (Updated)

Jim Hopper of Stranger Things is a man of his word, and so is the actor who plays him. Actor David Harbour (also starring in the upcoming Hellboy reboot) has made good on a recent promise to dance with some penguins in the Antarctic. 

The whole thing began in January when the actor tweeted to Greenpeace, asking them, "how many retweets to send me someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies? Perhaps hone the Hopper dance with the males..." 

Greenpeace eagerly responded, posting a bit of the aforementioned "Hopper dance." They also told the the actor that if he got over 200k in retweets, they would ask the captain of an upcoming trip if Harbour could "come join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins." 

The internet is what it is, so of course he got the necessary amount of retweets. Before anyone even knew what was happening, the actor was off. Before he debuted his dance to penguinkind, he did admit to some stagefright: 

He rose to the occasion, however, and the following culmination of his journey triumphantly appeared. It's certainly fun to watch, but most important of all is the fact that Harbour used the tweet to promote Greenpeace's

This may be the biggest (and coldest) of the actor's Twitter dares, but it is certainly not the only one. He's been on something of a spree as of late, with one bet resulting in him taking senior photos with one lucky high school student, and another bet landing him the duty of officiating a wedding. Who knows what to expect next? Will 1 million retweets get him to walk around NYC with us in full Hellboy regalia for a day? We're tempted to try it. 

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