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David Harbour loses another Twitter bet, will officiate a fan's wedding

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Jan 19, 2018, 4:24 PM EST (Updated)

Less than 24 hours after making another Twitter bet, David Harbour will now be officiating a fan's wedding. After @ErickaElizabeth asked what it would take for the Stranger Things star to be the officiant at her wedding in September, Harbour quoted her tweet, saying that 125,000 retweets was his price on the condition that he'd get to read a love letter of his choice as well as receive the first slice of cake (after the bride and groom do the official cake stuff, of course). 

Here is the initial exchange: 

This is the second deal that Harbour has made on social media. Back in October, he promised to appear in a high school student's senior photos if she got 25,000 retweets, which she did. Being a man of his word, he showed up on the stipulation that he'd get to wear a high school sweatshirt and carry a trombone in the pictures.

However, he completely upped the ante this time with the retweet requirement and personal preconditions, which not everyone is on board for:

To which Harbour replied:

Getting 138,000 retweets, Harbour "lost" the bet and swore vengeance against the Internet while promising to make these harder in the future:

Stranger Things Season 3 won't be here until 2019, but at least we have this wedding to look forward to in September. Will he read a sonnet by Shakespeare or write something original for the love letter? Will he wear a full tux or show up in costume as Chief Jim Hopper? Or heck, maybe Hellboy? How big of a slice of cake will he get? We'll see in eight months ...

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